Arriving late at Bali’s Denpasar Airport Guide

First, let me tell you that our plan was to sleep at the airport.

We were going to arrive at the airport late at night and I had the idea of saving a few dollars by spending the four or five hours we had left until daylight would come and we could go to our hotel, besides, I don’t like to go out in the middle of the night into a new country. But, can you sleep at the airport when you arrive? I tried to look for this information but got no answer. Until we got there..

Turns out it was not a bad idea, a lot of people do it, it’s only that they don’t sleep there when they arrive, most of them spend the night waiting for their early flights out of the island, this way the don’t complicate and stress out trying to find a taxi or rely on someone else to take them to the airport in the middle of the night.

Now, the next is some helpful information that will help you have a better understanding of the situation at the airport and how to have a better sleep/rest during your stay.

Go to the third floor. This is the best place to sleep without anyone bothering you.

When you arrive, after passing through inmigration and customs, a horde of taxi drivers will be waiting for you and yelling “Boss, yes taxi!!, Taxi yes!?” They are the other reason I wanted to stay at the airport. If I was saving money by staying one night there, I was also going to save money by using another method other than this Taxi mafia everyone talks about in Bali. But let’s save that for later.

There are two ways to get to the third floor, you can use the electric escalators or use the elevator, either way, when you get there, there will be nobody asking you to use their services. What you will find is a few cafes and a store that is open 24 hrs. So you know you’ll be fine if you want to eat a snack or drink something.

Toilettes are very close to where you will lay down, use them to change your clothes to something more comfortable, because it is going to be hot, and maybe you come from a cold flight with inadequate clothes for Bali’s climate. (There’s no A/C at the airport).

The last tip is: try to get a sofa from one of the cafes, people there don’t mind you using their furniture, but please, at least buy something from them. This way they will be more than happy to let you sleep there.

Once the morning comes and everything opens, go get a sim card with telkomsel (the best cellular company in bali) and get some Indonesian money. You can find these on the first floor.

After that, download the app ‘Grab” (uber version in indonesia) and ask for a car, this is way cheaper than airport taxi. Go to arrivals on the third floor and summon it from there, he will pick you up right there, no need to walk any further as some say..

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