Camping on Espiritu Santo Island, BCS

A complete guide for your visit to the most beautiful island in Mexico

There is great uncertainty about whether or not camping is allowed on Espiritu Santo Island, which is very close to La Paz, Baja California Sur. The natural beauties of this place are so many, that a simple 6-hour visit is not enough to know them all, so it is advisable to consider the option of camping at least one night on the island, I assure you that it is a unique experience in life.

In this article, I will share a complete guide for your visit, as well as information on how you can camp in this paradise

First, let me tell you that it is possible to camp on the Espiritu Santo Island, I have done it a couple of times and I totally recommend it. But how is this possible? Well, we have two options, one more expensive and simple than the other.

The first one, camping with a tour company that gives you everything you need to enjoy your stay and not suffer from the null existence of services on the island.

The second is to camp freely but with you bringing everything you need to survive and in the same way, make a visit with the least negative impact on its nature.

Before moving on, I will share the basic regulations of the island.

Because the island is a protected area, there are several rules that you must abide by, otherwise, you could be expelled from it, and the person or company that brought you, would have to pay a heavy fine, as well as the Temporary revocation of his permission to offer tourist services.

Rules for visiting the Espiritu Santo Island

  • Camp only in allowed areas.
  • You can only make fires if you carry your own firewood, it is forbidden to take wood from the island. Once the fire is over, you should cover it completely with dirt or sand.
  • Do not mistreat flora or fauna.
  • Respect the established paths.
  • Do not leave organic or inorganic garbage.
  • And the one we all know, leave only your footsteps, take only memories and photos

If you are worried about which are the places allowed to camp, well, this topic is a bit confusing, the official information does not determine exact areas, it only indicates that camping is allowed only in allowed areas, which leaves us with the same doubt . The good news is that this should not be resolved by you, but by the tour company or the person who takes you.

Now, let’s talk specifically about the two options mentioned above

Going to the Island with a tour company will facilitate the entire process, with them you will not have to worry about permits, notices, bring equipment, food, etc. Normally the tours include everything you need, but few of them offer camping service because it can be very expensive, so visits to the island are mostly, one-day

There are several options and different prices. Here are some companies that can offer you the service:

Todos Santos Eco Adventure

It offers lodging at the Glam Camp “Cecil”. A base camp in one of the inlets of the island.

Price: Unknown, but according to the people of La Paz, it is around $ 300 to $ 400 USD a night. You need to contact them to check exact price.

Baja Camp

A little cheaper than Camp Cecil, Baja Camp offers all the necessary services

Price: $ 550 for two people

The following companies do not offer the camping option but speak to them, they might be able to help find a solution

. Fun Cabo

6-hour tour price: Adults $ 120 dollars children $ 60

Choya Tours

6-hour tour price: Adults $ 70 dollars children $ 35 dollars.

Punta Baja Tours

6-hour tour price: Adults $ 75 dollars children $ 35 dollars

Now, let’s talk about the cheapest option, camping on your own.

As we all know, cheap can be expensive, but in this case, if you comply with all the rules and find someone to take you to the island, you can keep the cost much lower than the aforementioned established campsites. But remember, you must bring all the necessary equipment to survive; food, water, tent, etc.

You must give notice to Semarnat about your camping intentions, for this, service providers can help you.

Whoever takes you, he or they must meet the necessary requirements, such as; Know the regulations for tourism service providers, pay a fee to visit the protected area, have insurance for third parties in case of an accident, etc.

Attached I leave a copy of the official document that speaks more thoroughly of all these requirements, I have marked in yellow the section that interests us, which is on SECTION III. Although it is in Spanish, you can use a translator like Google

Finally, I will tell you that the option of camping on your own is difficult to achieve but not impossible, I recommend you ask with local fishermen, since many of them have left the hook to offer tourist services, and are usually cheaper than the most famous tour companies in the city. Talk to them, make friends and expose your intention to camp on the island. You will surely find more than one former fisherman willing to take you.

And remember, the island is a Disneyland for those of us who love nature! Love her and respect her.

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